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Welcome to Land Speed Record in Miniature

The object of this site is to provide a comprehensive list of all models of land speed record cars. I do not have any plans to include driver biographies or details of the actual cars as there are numerous sites where this information is available. Also you will notice that the speed of the car is not included in the Main List, that is because there are many models of cars that did not manage to set a new record or are not recognised as setting a record for one reason or another. There are some images in the galleries of the actual cars, these may be of interest to anyone wanting to restore or modify an existing model. I hope you find the following pages useful and   if you have any pictures that I do not have or that are better than the ones I do have you can e-mail them to me at info@lsrinmin.co.uk
  - I will put your name/website on them.
The images in the galleries with the www.lsrinmin.co.uk web address may be reprinted or published providing you credit www.lsrinmin.co.uk and the photographer (when shown) as the source, if the image has a different address you should contact that address for permission to use the image.
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Land Speed Record in Miniature
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